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The Inspiration Behind Ben Muñoz’s Oversize Woodblock Prints

Around the block: Muñoz poses with his latest panel, full of intricate, personal details and layers of symbolism. See his explanation on the opposite page. Ben Muñoz is wrestling a 62-by-32 woodblock off of a printing press when I walk into Paper Arts, a specialty paper store and print studio on Peak Street. Owner Terri Thoman has offered up her largest Conrad press to accommodate the work, since Muñoz’s own press at his small studio in the Goldmark Cultural Center won’t do. In his black beanie and Vans, the 25-year-old looks like he would be equally at home in a skate park. (A line of t-shirts he designs under his Casa Press label is sold at skate shops like Rec Shop in Dallas.) But the art world suits him. He just completed a series of six wooden panels, 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide, that have been on display in his hometown at the Art Center of Corpus Christi since the beginning of March. The “Endless Endeavor” series took him more than a year to complete. Each panel represents a different chapter in the evolution of Muñoz’s family, from the emigration of his paternal grandfather, Alberto, to the […]

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