This M’sian Duo Is Taking On A "Failed" Business Model, And They're Armed With Only RM1,000
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This M’sian Duo Is Taking On A “Failed” Business Model, And They’re Armed With Only RM1,000

Whether you’re tired or just don’t have the time, most of us can admit that it’s far easier to order takeout nowadays rather than cook. But there may be an alternative, as meal kit delivery service like Chef’ Up aim to bring back the art of home cooking by delivering all you need right to your doorstep. Following in the footsteps of startups before him, Kumar, co-founder of Chef’ Up, serves us his resolve to survive where others have seemingly failed. Taste Like Mom’s Founded in December 2018 and starting operations in February 2019, Chef’ Up’s origins stem from Kumar’s childhood memories of his mom’s homecooked meals, something most of us can relate to. But with the prevalence of food delivery services today or ‘Fancy Food Deliveries’ as he calls them, Kumar feels that Malaysian are forgetting the culture of cooking. “Food delivery which started off as a convenience in one’s life has become a daily routine for many. Even at my workplace, I find the majority having food deliveries or take-outs for lunch/dinner, and when asked, almost all give the same reason. No time to cook,” Kumar said. Image Credit: Chef’ Up Chef’ Up aims at doing away […]

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