This S'porean Gets Paid Up To Over $10K To "Deface" Designer Goods - Now Has A 2-Year Waitlist
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This S’porean Gets Paid Up To Over $10K To “Deface” Designer Goods – Now Has A 2-Year Waitlist

People spend up to thousands on a luxury designer bag, deeming it as an ‘investment’. After splurging on such extravagant goods, they then make it a point to keep their luxe purchases in a pristine condition. Even a single mark on the item is considered a flaw. Cherin Sim however, holds a totally different viewpoint. With a thriving career as a marquage artist (the French word refers to the art of literally making a mark), she specialises in painting on such designer bags and other leather goods. Instead of owning a run-of-the-mill item, Cherin feels that bespoke products are much more unique as they “stand out from the crowd” and hold much more value as they are distinctive, with a touch that is “close to the [owner’s] heart.” Hello Kitty-storm trooper hybrid painted on a LV passport / Image Credit: Cherin Sim It’s essential to note that Cherin never paints the same thing twice. Sometimes, she even puts her own spin on popular figures such as a Hello Kitty-storm trooper hybrid to make her design stand out even more. Her Rates Have Grown At Least Tenfold Cherin Sim, marquage artist / Image Credit: Cherin Sim The 32-year-old has always […]

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