Type B Tie Dye in Asbury Park is an art-lover's happy place
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Type B Tie Dye in Asbury Park is an art-lover’s happy place

ASBURY PARK – In 2017, Melinda Blevins was an artist in New Hope, Pennsylvania, with just a table selling her best art pieces to customers. Blevins was frequenting the art community and came into contact with the owners of Type B Tie Dye in New Hope . After meeting, they made a deal that Blevins could sell her art right outside their store with no charge to her. “I am an artist and I approached Brant and Melissa Bayer about selling one of my posters in their store,” Blevins said. “She walked with me outside and showed me a space where I could set up shop, with all of my art on display. That was absolutely phenomenal and everything just came so easy that I did not encounter any hurdles.” Blevins continued to sell in that spot for the rest of that summer. Interested in learning more about businesses in Monmouth and Ocean counties? Visit our business page and please consider subscribing today . More: Sheby and Sheby owner in Asbury Park not afraid of imaginative home decor More: Rusty Anchor Trading found new life in Asbury Park after Sandy slammed it Melinda Murat-Blevins, co-owner of Type B Tie […]

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