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Video Games, Counterpoint: A Purpose Found

A friend of mine here on the site recently posted an article entitled Video Games: A Purpose Forgotten . It’s a good article, I’d recommend reading it, but I personally disagree with his central thesis. In summary, he argued that with the rise of competitive video games like Overwatch , Rocket League , CS:GO , and other competitive games, the gaming industry has abandoned its artistic side. The moral questions raised in games like The Last of Us don’t come up in a match of League of Legends , which is true, but is that a sign that games as a whole are becoming less artistic? I don’t think so. Brandon brought up Saving Private Ryan and the painting The Scream as examples of great artwork, in no small part because they bring a strong emotional reaction from the audience. The Scream is harsh, bright, and can create feelings of dread in anxiety when looking at the deep reds and distorted central figure. Saving Private Ryan reminds us of the bloody history of the world, forcing us to remember those who died so we could live. I completely agree with this analysis, these are fantastic pieces of art that […]

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