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Wildlife artist Josh Guge captures a scene of nature with wood sculpting

Josh Guge and woodcarving student Randi Fowler talk about the detailed painting process of her sculpture that captures the beauty of the bird’s colorful feathers. World champion woodcarving artist, Josh Guge, spends his time creating sculptures that capture the natural beauty of animals living in their diverse habitats. According to Guge, he has been exposed to the art of wildlife woodcarving for his whole life thanks to his father, a forerunner of this specific artistic movement. What started as a family tradition became a purpose of life for the Guges when they became well-known for their awarded wood sculptures and opened the Guge Institute of Wildlife Art in Elgin. Guge became serious about woodcarving while observing in his father’s studio in their house growing up and always learning more about the process from his father’s mentoring. Guge’s father influenced his passion for studying an animal and creating that image in their natural environment from the detailed woodcarving process of sketching, shaping, detailing and painting. As his woodcarving skills grew stronger, Guge followed his father’s footsteps in the art of wildlife sculptures and began carving with his own style of creating fish in tropical ocean reef environments. “When I was […]

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